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The myNEXUS Booth at AHIP Institute Conference
9 June 2015

myNEXUS Exhibits at AHIP Institute 2015

The Specialty Benefit Management and Remote Digital Health provided through myNEXUS captures and analyzes biometric patient data, using the revolutionary myLINK2Care (TM) system. Clinical algorithms then inform care decisions and generate preventative health recommendations, and doctors use this information to modify treatment plans when needed. The program has been shown to align incentives by reducing costs and preventing ER visits and re-hospitalizations by up to 80 percent.

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NHCC 2015 Meeting
13 April 2015

Consumer Driven Healthcare: More than just a “trend”

Healthcare in America is changing, and many now recognize this fact. Patients have diverse needs and those in the industry need to understand this. The key to accommodating those in need of healthcare involves personalizing this care while keeping costs down.

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