myNEXUS Provider Finder

To locate a Provider in your preferred service area, please use the following steps*:

  1. Select the state where the services will be performed. This is a required step.
  2. Select the county where the services will be performed. This step is optional, but it is recommended to refine the results.
  3. Select the Network.
  4. Entering a ZIP code is optional. Note: If you choose to search by ZIP code and you receive limited or no results, please try searching by just the county. 
  5. Click submit to display the results.
  6. Once results are returned, you can select a Provider to view more information by clicking the red icon.

*These instructions apply whether you are a Member seeking service or a referring Provider. 

For help or assistance using the Provider Finder, or if you would like a copy of the Providers in your service area, please email

If you’re having issues operating the embedded directory,  you can access a direct link here:

Para obtener ayuda en español utilizando el Buscador de proveedores, o para obtener una copia de los Proveedores en su área do servicio, llame al 1-844-411-9622, ópcion 6.