Establishing an equitable balance between technology and clinical expertise allows myNEXUS to increase access to high quality care and enables providers to collaborate effectively to achieve better outcomes.

Timely access to services following discharge is critical, getting the right level of care into the home with the right frequency has been demonstrated to improve outcomes, reduce readmissions and provide members and their caregivers a sense of security that they deserve and expect. Our intuitive, user-friendly platform automates the authorization process for providers, speeds the time to care, increases provider effectiveness, and improves member satisfaction.

The myNEXUS portal serves as a repository for all relevant member data related to the episode of care. This information is available to all engaged providers, our clients, and the myNEXUS clinical team.

Compiling the information in one location feeds myNEXUS’s proprietary algorithms that supports the development of care plans, facilitates collaboration and allows for real time monitoring of the member’s progress. Each of these components play a significant and distinct role in ensuring care is being delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible resulting in better outcomes.

Our technology empowers us to assess network performance, regularly benchmarking based on quality and efficiency of care delivery.

This information is shared with the health plan as part of regularly scheduled business reviews and used to identify value-based partners. myNEXUS engages and maintains the highest quality network available. We believe our relationship with Providers is critical to delivering the highest quality of care and ensuring member satisfaction.

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