myNEXUS is the leader in health resource optimization, focused on transforming how healthcare is delivered and promoting the advancement of care for the people we serve.

Caring: We understand that care is more than medical treatments and procedures.

Care means comprehensive personalization and engagement. It’s the understanding that your home and community are also a key component of your personal well-being. As the leader in health resource optimization, our vision directly aims to transform how care is delivered, so healthcare doesn’t interrupt your life, but advances it. At myNEXUS, we meet you on your journey to healing.

Disconnected Information: At myNEXUS, we recognize that advancement in medical treatments and technologies do not always translate into connected care or the effective delivery of health and social data.

Our healthcare system produces increasingly complex and insightful information, however, integration and adaptation are lacking which limits applicability and usefulness. This ultimately leads to gaps in care, and inconsistent treatment for patients.

Our Belief: By uniting powerful data and robust technologies with dynamic clinical expertise, myNEXUS serves as the link to intelligent and connected care for the people we serve.

We empower our customers by executing on our mission to transform health delivery and promote the advancement of care across the healthcare continuum. It is by this guiding principle that myNEXUS continually strives to innovate and redefine care delivery.

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