Technology Affiliates

A revolutionary and value-added service for security, content and telecommunications providers.

Affiliate Integration

A technology-driven, care management service…
  • Connects – myNEXUSTM is the missing link that brings together many parts of the healthcare system.
  • Protects – myNEXUSTM creates meaningful results in healthcare, generating better health for people in addition to lowering costs.
  • Innovates – myNEXUSTM gives individuals the best intelligent technology, coupled with compassionate care every day.
  • Empowers – myNEXUSTM prevents health crises and gives people greater independence and peace of mind.
  • Essential – myNEXUSTM addresses a critical industry need with value-added services.

myNEXUSTM connects.

myNEXUSTM is a value-added service that protects your customers from health-related events, and empowers them to live independent lives, in their homes.

By developing a relationship with your customers that has a profound impact on their daily life, it solidifies a strong bond that extends subscription services into the future.

myNEXUSTM partners with you to deliver a health monitoring service which enhances your relationship with existing customers, allowing you to deliver more content and promote healthy empowered lives.

Experience the difference myNEXUS can make.

  • Differentiates you from other technology providers through customer engagement and proactive health management.
  • Expands your brand by delivering more value-added services.
  • Allows you to private label the myNexus system.
  • Allows you to engage customers and prospects with a service that creates independence in an otherwise challenging life.
  • Connects customers with high quality care management services.
  • Results in customers experiencing healthier, independent and empowered lives.