Mary Grace Richardson

RN, CHHCM, Director of Nursing

2020 recipient of the Yacha Spain Spirit Award

I interviewed in January 2016 and I knew, this is where I belong.

I began on February 22, 2016 when we had 30-40 employees. It was a small, close knit company. We have grown tremendously over 5 years which has allowed for professional growth. In three years, I went from a Supervisor to Manager and I am currently the Director of Nursing.

I encouraged many of my colleagues to join myNEXUS and I would never have done that if this weren’t a wonderful place to work. We work hard for myNEXUS because they work hard for us. We are grateful for the opportunity to work for such a successful company, the flexibility they offer, the family atmosphere, time off to help in our Communities and so much more.

I guess the best thing I can say about myNEXUS is, this is the best Nursing Position I have ever held, and I wish I could have spent my whole career here.