Kevin Madondo

RN, BSN, MBAHM, Team Lead, Clinical Review

I joined myNEXUS in September 2016 as a Care Manager and soon realized that this was more than a regular job or workplace, it was a family that was invested in making sure that each member excelled.

Last year I broke my leg and had to have it surgically repaired. I was in hospital for a few days.  My managers and colleagues checked on me daily and were genuinely concerned about my welfare.  They   sent me a beautiful gift basket and helped me plan for my post- hospitalization. I used all my PTO during my recovery, but the myNEXUS family donated the paid time off for me to continue to get an income to support my family through my recovery. 

myNexus even bought equipment to allow me to work from home, once I was well enough to so. The support and love I received from my myNEXUS family showed the depth of compassion and the spirit of caring that embodies what myNEXUS is all about.