Kelly Traub

RN, Team Lead, Clinical Review

After my 14 years of nursing experience I am honored to say that I am a part of a wonderful, rapidly growing company at myNEXUS. myNEXUS is truly a company that often demonstrates gratitude for each and every employee. I will never forget just one example of this. After only a few weeks of working here, I was at my cubicle and an Administrator walked by and placed a Starbucks gift card on my desk. He simply said, “Thank you for being here.” I’ve never had anything like that happen at another job. The team leaders and supervisor create an environment with high morale and support to employees and are always willing to assist when needed. The gratitude from leaders and administration to employees is constant, whether it is a luncheon that is provided or funny and encouraging e-mails. The teamwork that everyone exhibits is also unparalleled to anywhere else I have experienced. Without hesitation, co-workers are more than willing to help each other. Another amazing benefit is being able to work from home! I feel blessed to be part of a company that is diligent in managing the best patient care for each individual patient. I love my career and look forward to many more years serving patients around the country with myNEXUS.