Ashlynn Dunn

Talent & Engagement Manager

Working with myNEXUS has allowed me to grow within my professional career, personal confidence, and overall knowledge. Unlike most in my generation, job hopping didn’t sound appealing to me. I’ve always wanted to establish roots at a company and feel at home with the people I work with and spend 40+ hours of my time with, and myNEXUS is just that! myNEXUS breathes truth and power to its core values and mission statement. Too many people experience working in negative cultures that tear them down over the years instead of building them up. Here at myNEXUS all of us use our previous experience to ensure that is never the case. Everyone, whether near or far, face-to-face or virtual, we come together with a common goal, belief, and mutual respect for one another and the work we strive to complete. I’m proud to say that I work for myNEXUS, and it truly is a Great Place To Work!