Amanda Smith

RN, Compliance Operations Specialist

I have been a part of the myNEXUS “family” for almost a year. Throughout my career, I have worked in various corporate health plan and medical field settings. I have always found the corporate setting to be somewhat sterile and regimented towards their employees. When I began my career with myNEXUS, I was overwhelmed at the personalization all management and Leadership take towards our employees.

I have witnessed Leadership reach out and help a myNEXUS “family member” in personal need, personal pain, or personal hardship and carry them on their shoulders throughout that difficult time in their lives.

I have witnessed personal employee attention time and time again with the myNEXUS organization. I have also witnessed the desire of leadership to “grow” each employee to their dreams for their personal career paths. With a culture like ours in the myNEXUS family, all employees find themselves driven to give 110% to their position and the greater of good of the company. I am honored to be a part of this culture.