Proven Results

A revolution in care management through the use of remote patient monitoring

myNEXUSTM has a technology-driven care management team with a proven track record that has reduced readmissions. Our system reduces 30 day readmission rates by 80%.

Staying Connected

myNEXUSTM is the missing link in today’s disconnected healthcare system, connecting people in their homes with clinical experts when they need it.

A revolution in care management

myNEXUSTM combines intelligent technology with compassionate care so that you have more control of your health and greater peace of mind every day.

How we do it.

  1. Connection to any in-home technology platforms
  2. Remote monitoring of daily biometric data
  3. Care informed by data-mining algorithms
  4. Critical care nurse-led team
  5. Physical in-home care, as needed

Benefits we deliver.

  • Sustained customer health
  • Health crisis prevention
  • Reduced need for higher-cost health services, including:
    • Re-hospitalization
    • ER Diversions
    • Unnecessary SNF Admissions and PCP / Specialist Office Visits
  • Manage Home Care Costs resulting in improved utilization and Unit Cost reductions
  • Savings for Health Plan Administration
    • Home Health Care and IV Arrangements
    • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Arrangements
    • After-Hours Triage of Urgent/Emergent Cases for myNEXUS managed members
    • Provider Network Management