8 April 2015

myNEXUS Heralded as “Disruptive Healthcare Entrepreneur”

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The Brookings Institution profiles myNEXUS as a “Disruptive Healthcare Entrepreneur.”

The internationally respected think tank The Brookings Institution recently profiled myNEXUS CEO McArthur VanOsdale as a “Disruptive Healthcare Entrepreneur” in an article published by Senior Fellow of Governance Studies, Jonathan Rauch.

Rauch interviewed investors, entrepreneurs and health care executives and identified several opportunities for growth and transformative innovation in healthcare. The author points out that more than a sixth of the US economy is accounted for by healthcare spending, but has provided notoriously poor value for the money.

However, as the PDF report produced by Brookings outlines, myNEXUS, and several other innovative companies are working to reduce waste while actually improving the quality of care provided to the patient.

Today, myNEXUS notified the press of their inclusion in Mr. Rauch’s article, published in March, 2015. The management team is grateful of the recognition they have been receiving for their innovative thinking that transforms the post-discharge care management model and reduces costly and risky hospital readmissions.  Furthermore, as wearables like the Apple Watch and Fitbit make their way to wrists throughout the world, the idea of internet connected devices that transmit health data will become a welcomed reality in every home for the peace of mind and improved healthcare experience they provide.

However, what makes myNEXUS unique is how the data is monitored and evaluated as it is collected. Currently, the burden of monitoring telehealth data falls on the patient, doctor, or hospital system that provided the equipment. By actively monitoring and acting upon the telehealth data when necessary, myNEXUS is bundling services that are now only offered in a haphazard manner and that add little value. Much like an alarm system that is unmonitored, competing telehealth systems only collect data and set off alarms with no follow up.

myNEXUS has developed an intelligent, data driven process, that alerts health professions to intervene when abnormal data is collected. This solution is perfect for a wide range of patients, including those suffering with COPD, managing Diabetes, recovering for heart surgery, dealing with hypertension, and many other common chronic ailments.

We invite you to learn more about our innovative approach.


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