myNEXUS® partners with the American Academy for Home Care Medicine

27 . 01 . 2020

myNEXUS has partnered with the American Academy for Home Care Medicine and will be attending the annual conference on October 26th in Chicago.  In partnering with AAHCM myNEXUS will continue its work with home and community-based providers in advancing models of care, technology, and payment that keep people out of the hospital.

“The healthcare ecosystem is rapidly evolving to include new care delivery models to support interventions and treatment in the home, making care more accessible for people who may not need an institutional level of care” reported Scott Vasey, Chief Strategy Officer with myNEXUS. “AAHCM is the leading advocacy organization promoting these models and it is important to connect former silos of care into a fully integrated approach.”

“Home care medicine is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of health care for a good reason—technology is becoming more portable, allowing care in the home to become the most cost-effective and most compassionate form of health care” said Dr. Theresa Soriano president-elect at AAHCM.  “We are thrilled that companies like myNEXUS are working with AAHCM to facilitate better connected care for people in the home.”