Supporting Home Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak | myNEXUS®

07 . 07 . 2020

The rise of the COVID-19 virus has caused almost instant changes and uncertainty throughout the entire world. It has become the goal of most areas of the healthcare system to enhance COVID-19 treatment for patients at home in order to avoid the spread of Coronavirus and increase the capacity of an overburdened healthcare system. Home care is an important part of the treatment plan for many COVID-19 patients and it is crucial that the healthcare system find ways to speed up and deliver quality care to the home.

As CMS has recently stated, advancing treatment plans in the home will require that home healthcare agencies can utilize TeleHealth and Virtual Check-ins, as well as face to face skilled nursing visits for those needing more hands-on treatment. We are all in this together, and myNEXUS is working to support this heightened need for virtual care and to help provide the best possible care for those patients dealing with the coronavirus at home.

What Adjustments Are in Place?

In order to support virtual care in the home during these unusual times, myNEXUS has developed specifically tailored updates to our telehealth and virtual care policies for each of our clients to support care in the home.

Why are we doing this?

It is always our goal, and even more so now, to provide and support best-in-class home care to the patients we serve. With rising numbers of diagnosed cases of COVID-19 and the overwhelming flood of critical care patients into the hospital system, it will take all of us working together to help reduce coronavirus transmissions and increase treatment capacity nationally. We hope that in supporting these CMS efforts by adjusting our policies, that we can do our part to “flatten the curve” and help to get patients better, faster.