HealthCare Partners

myNEXUS is excited to partner across the healthcare ecosystem, from trade associations to technology, from care delivery to care coordination, from suppliers to systems, in order to bring communities of caring together to better serve people.

National Leadership Conference

myNEXUS will be participating in this year’s National Leadership Conference. The 2018 National Leadership Conference, March 7-9 in Washington, DC, will convene home-based care’s top thought leaders, industry experts, and legislators from across the country. Register by clicking on picture.


myNEXUS and ElevatingHOME

myNEXUS has announced a corporate partnership with ElevatingHOME. With this partnership, myNEXUS will continue its work with industry leaders to bring home care to the forefront of the healthcare ecosystem.

“We are excited to be partnering with ElevatingHOME and its mission to align, unify and strengthen the home-based health care industry,” said Scott Vasey, Senior Vice President of Network and Business Development at myNEXUS. “We are at a pivotal crossroads and there is a lot of focus on how home and community-based care is adding value through improved quality and outcomes, while lowering total cost of care by keeping people out of the hospital and bringing new collaboration and partnerships across systems of care and technology where there used to be silos.” Read more

myNEXUS and Aspire

Aspire Health and myNEXUS are pleased to announce a new collaboration focused on providing home health patients with a more comprehensive level of clinical support. Through the partnership, myNEXUS, a technology-driven care and benefit management platform, will help identify patients who may benefit from receiving additional home-based clinical support from Aspire Health’s team of physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers and chaplains. The partnership is designed to help ensure that patients receive the right level of care at the right time in the location of their choosing.

“By partnering together, myNEXUS and Aspire Health will be able to significantly improve the quality of care provided to patients with very complex medical needs,” said McArthur VanOsdale, CEO of myNEXUS. “By leveraging the unique strengths of each organization, we will be able to identify and provide more comprehensive support to patients and families who are facing some of the toughest times in their lives.”

Using a proprietary algorithm jointly developed by Aspire and myNEXUS, myNEXUS will identify patients who are receiving traditional home health services who may benefit from an additional layer of in-home clinical support. The algorithm leverages OASIS clinical data collected on myNEXUS’s proprietary technology platform to identify patients who are at high risk of hospitalization and/or likely to experience significant clinical decline in the coming months. Patients identified by myNEXUS will then be eligible for Aspire’s in-home services. Read more

myNEXUS and Amedisys

Amedisys (NASDAQ:AMED), a leading healthcare at home company, announced today the Company has entered into a collaborative partnership with myNEXUS®, a leading post-acute technology and home-based benefit management company based in Nashville, TN.

This new partnership allows Amedisys to focus on care delivery, leverages the strength of benefit coordination from myNEXUS®, and seeks to maximize the population health needs of our shared payor partners while exploring new ways to share risk.

The goal of the partnership is to jointly serve a limited number of payor population health needs in select states. Together with myNEXUS, Amedisys will pursue new and innovative ways to pair an industry-leading home healthcare provider with coordinated benefit management and strong analytic solutions to further focus on quality, outcomes, and lower total cost of care for Medicare Advantage plans and their members. Read more