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myNEXUSTM has a technology-driven care management team with a proven track record that has reduced readmissions for a variety of chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, and hypertension. The myNEXUS active telehealth platform is a good fit for individuals with:
  • Frequent emergency room visits or hospitalizations
  • Multiple medications or recent changes in medicine
  • A need for health education or coaching
  • A new medical diagnosis
  • No daily caregiver
  • Disease prevention or health management needs
  • Limited access to care

Employee case management
myNEXUSTM helps employers manage their employees’ and retirees’ health through proactive technology and compassionate care.
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myNEXUSTM is a revolution in care management for insurers, Medicare Advantage, accountable care organizations and integrated delivery networks. Remote, daily monitoring has a proven track record of reducing readmissions and lowering costs.
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myNEXUSTM uses remote, daily monitoring and proven experience to provide evidence-based, high quality, cost effective care while facilitating patient engagement and care coordination, creating seamless transitions through the health care system resulting in improved outcomes and lowered readmissions.
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myNEXUSTM adds value to your patient’s experience by empowering independence and enhancing quality of life. Our technology-driven care management process provides daily oversight, effectively managing chronically ill patients at lower costs.
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myNEXUSTM has a proven track record of reducing readmissions and lowering costs. Using clinically driven, actionable data, the myNEXUS team remotely triages your patients to detect, prevent and intervene at the appropriate times resulting in better outcomes, decreased rehospitalizations and lowered costs.
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