11 August 2016

Darin Gordon joins myNEXUS as Advisory Board Member

Darin Gordon is the former Director of TennCare, Tennessee’s Medicaid program, as well as the Director of the Division of Health Care Finance and Administration for the State of Tennessee. In his role, Gordon managed an $11 billion health care enterprise that provided services to nearly 1.5 million Tennesseans. In addition to his responsibilities for Tennessee’s Medicaid and CHIP programs, Gordon was responsible for the State’s high-risk pool, pharmacy assistance program, e-Health strategy, all payers’ claims database as well as its multi-payer payment and delivery system reform initiative.

Gordon has over 18 years experience in public health care finance and management; during that time he has served with three Governors. Prior to beginning his term in 2006 as the longest-serving Director of TennCare, he held key executive management positions within the organization, including the Director of Managed Care Programs, involving the management and supervision of TennCare’s Managed Care Organizations; and Chief Financial Officer, involving responsibility and oversight of all financial and budget-related activities.

Under Gordon’s leadership the TennCare program maintained the lowest cost trend in its history, made significant improvements in the program’s quality measures, and has been nationally recognized for innovations in managed care and payment and delivery system reform.

Gordon’s contributions have extended beyond Tennessee. He has also been involved in health care policy nationally through consultations with states, in his leadership roles in the National Association of Medicaid Directors, and his involvement in a variety of National Governors Association initiatives and task forces. Gordon’s involvement has also extended internationally with consultations with a variety of health officials in other countries.

In addition to his management responsibilities for the State of Tennessee, Gordon has maintained leadership positions with several state and national organizations. Most recently serving as the Immediate Past President of the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD), a Board member of Leadership Health Care and Chair of the AccessTN Board of Directors

Gordon is also a 2011 Fellow of the Medicaid Leadership Institute and a member of the inaugural class of the Nashville Health Care Council Fellows program.

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