Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Case Studies

myNEXUS is proud to release our first free white paper, “The Changing Face of Healthcare: A Case Study.” The study examines the effectiveness of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Telehealth services for a Vietnam Veteran struggling with PTSD, Hypertension, Depression, and related complications. Throughout the study, “Mr. Smith” (name changed to protect privacy) was cared for by Melanie Hynes, RN, BN, Vice President at myNEXUS, inc. Mr. Smith is a representative sampling of the patients expected to receive the most benefit from remote patient monitoring, as he is sufficiently healthy to live at home, despite his chronic ailments and a drug regimen that need consistent follow up, not possible in a conventional healthcare environment.

Executive Summary

Through its very nature, healthcare is in a constant state of evolution; populations, treatments, illnesses and technologies are discovered every day and we are at a seminal moment in healthcare’s next giant leap. The iconic “doctor’s bag” has been replaced with handheld devices sporting the latest in connected care. But what value does that bring to the patient? The flood of options can be overwhelming and confusing. Understanding how each element works, how information is communicated, and how it impacts patient outcomes are crucial to choosing the correct partner. Quality of life and health care expenditure are imperative to managing healthcare in a technology-infused system. This white paper provides an overview of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and its benefits as well as a case study example of a coordinated care approach to RPM.

Key Take Aways

After reading this white paper, the reader should expect to:

  • Gain an understanding into what telehealth is
  • Receive an introduction to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Examine how technology improved the outcome for the case subject and eliminated the need for readmission
  • Learn how telehealth is coupled with competent supervision and intervention to provide coordinated care
  • Understand how telehealth can help reduce the cost of healthcare


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