myNEXUS Personal Challenge: Issued to all Tennessee Business Owners, Executives, and Leaders.

February 1st, 2018 was the best day of the year at myNEXUS as it was the culmination of our Annual Company Charitable Initiative benefitting KIPP Nashville Public Charter Schools. This Year’s Initiative resulted in the myNEXUS Team’s collective contribution of over $20,000, 50% of which went towards cold weather clothing items, and the other 50% going towards KIPP’s Expansion Plans into Antioch, which is going to be serious, and a HUGE deal for Antioch / SouthEast Nashville. Check out the look on Baby Silver’s face, she means business, and is passionate about the KIPP Growth Mission into Antioch.

The clothing items which consisted of Coats, Khakis, Hats, Gloves and Scarves were so graciously received and appreciated by the KIPP Students, just check out the smiles on their faces. A huge thank you to all of the myNEXUS Team Members who banded together for this Annual Initiative.

Now, on to the myNEXUS Personal Challenge which is being issued to all Tennessee Business Owners, Executives, and Leaders. myNEXUS is challenging you all to participate in the upcoming Annual KIPP Nashville Leaders and Scholars Breakfast on March 7th, 2018, at the OMNI Hotel from 7:30 – 9AM. And more specifically challenging you all to participate alongside companies like myNEXUS, UBS Private Wealth, Pinnacle, Nissan, Asurion, Cracker Barrel, Genesco, and WindRose Health Investors with a $5,000 Table Sponsorship. (Invite to the right)

This Sponsorship includes up to 9 spots at your Breakfast Table where you will also have your very own KIPP Student Representative, and a subsequent VIP Tour of a KIPP Nashville School. We have a duty as Owners, Executives, and Leaders to do the Right Things for our Community, and this definitely falls into the Right Thing bucket. So please join us in this Initiative. Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.

On behalf of KIPP Nashville, and all of the incredible Students whose lives are being impacted positively through your efforts, thank you in advance for your support.